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Hello, I’m Aline!

Here to take your Social Media to another level

I found that there was also an audience of business owners longing to learn more about how to implement their social media strategy. It was then when I made the decision to pursue a career in Social Media Marketing and to gain an international qualification in the sector.

​But with so many digital marketers in the world, I wondered… what could I add that was different to other Social Media Marketer?​

SOCIAL.INE has now introduced a new service to work with your budget instead of fixed prices. We offer social media management strategies to give business owners back their power online.

We are offering our service internationally & we are fluent in English, Swiss German & German language.



Our Values

Honesty - We stand for transparency. We provide you with real updates and results.​

Caring - We do not only care in the social space, we care for personality too! We love to listen to you, having conversations and get to know you better. ​

Trust - Building a bond with you is one of our first priority. We love to network and build longterm relationships!

Our Mission

We understand running a business can be challenging. Trying to juggle all of your daily business owner responsibilities and master social media can be complex.

SOCIAL.INE's mission is to make social media work for you. Social media is a great asset, and it’s time to use it!


SOCIAL.INE enables companies to definitely harness the strength of social media via tailor-made social media management and marketing strategies. We’ll help you in integrating social media into your present marketing plans.

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